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'Goodbye Bussamarai' is now out of print. To purchase a CD copy of the book please contact the author.


About the photographs -
With the exception of a few archival photographs acquired from John Oxley Library and Queensland Railway Archives, most of the photographs below were taken circa 1992-1994 by the author and Desley Collins while reconnoitring the Maranoa, Dawson, Macintyre, Gwydir, Liverpool Plains and Upper Hunter Districts. The majority are landscapes of significant historical sites. Robert Bagotís 1851 map of Surat was included to assist with locating sites at Surat. Each photograph is relevant to some aspect of 'Goodbye Bussamarai'. Accordingly, they have been arranged in the chronological sequence that they illustrate.

The author has hundreds of related photographs on file. Please direct any queries to the author. Photos © Patrick Collins.

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The late Len Payne: Myall Creek historian, holding a hinge from the stockyard gate on Myall Creek Station, 1838.

Myall Creek Station, Gwydir District, present homestead. The massacre on Dangar's old Myall Creek was to the right.

TL Mitchell's Camp 22 on Muckadilla Creek, 1846. Five Mt Abundance stockmen & teamsters were killed near here in 1849. Mt Abundance, from near MacPherson's Muckadilla Creek homestead. TL Mitchell's Camp 24, 1846, was to the left (east).

This sign is 1 Kilometre north of Camp 22. Old Bindango Station 1866, north of Muckadilla. TL Mitchell was accosted by Indigenous people near here in 1846.

Condamine bell at Condamine near old Tiereyboo Boobera Lagoon between Goondiwindi and Boomi

Representation of Sir TL Mitchell's 1846 Depot east bank Maranoa R, north of Mitchell. Map based on Robert Bagot's 1851 map of the town of Surat. Not to scale.

Site of Tom Hall's "Yamboucal" head station, 1847-1857, adjacent to Surat. See Bagot's map of Surat, 1851. Balonne River behind old Yamoucal head station hut.

Water-pumping Station Surat: on site of Land Commissioner's Headquarters. Known as "Yalculba" or "Yalgulba," 1849-50. Likely site of Eaglehawk's "Opera", 1850, and the Yamboucal massacre May 1852. Bounded by the west bank of Bundara Creek and the south bank of the Balonne.

On Moonie River. William Ogilvie territory circa 1848. Leichhardt passed between the 2 peaks of Mt Abundance.

Little Muckadilla Creek. Leichhardt was last seen near here. View towards Blyth Creek beside Roma-Surat Road. J.A. Blyth attacked here 1848.

Yalebone Creek near Hely's Camp May 1852 Back Creek near junction with the Yalebone. Paddy McEnroe's last Ukabulla hut was near here Ca 1852-56.


Balonne River near Warroo Station West from Drilham-Wallan Creek Rd, north of Wallan Creek. Part of Dangar and Ferrett's old Wallan Station.

Wondai Gumbal Native Police Barrack's site 1851-59, Tchanning & Barrack's Creek junction. Tchanning Ck adjacent to Wondai Gumbal Barrack's site.

Barrack's Creek crossing on current forestry road beside Tchanning Creek. Tchanning Creek ponds near Barrack's Creek junction, beside Wondai Gumbal.

Old Hornet Bank Station, Dawson River. Site of the 1857 Hornet Bank massacre. Desley Collins searching for artifacts.

Jiman memorial to Bilba at Wallumbilla.

Mt Abundance Station Complex circa 1875.

Mt Abundance Homestead beside Bungeworgorai Creek circa 1875.  To visit the site, contact Mr D Tite "Meadowbank" via Roma. This homestead was built after Allan MacPherson and probably after the Spencers departed.

Grafton Range to north from Roma-Surat Road This tank on the top right is above the town bore. Mitch Collins' Muckadilla Pub 1993, on old Mt Abundance Station. He rebuilt it in 1991.'Goodbye Bussamarai' started here.

Donna & Bobbi Spence, Mike & Mitch Collins, 1990. Taken before Mitch rebuilt the pub. Mitch Collins, Donna Spence & Patrick Collins, 1992.

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